Photo taken by Salim Batlouni
location Falougha
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What is Daskara for?
The app will be for everyone interested in exploring Lebanon’s natural and cultural sites and help unknown entities to be discovered and listed. Daskara will also serve as a tool for all who want to actively, voluntarily or financially, engage in conservation and sustainable development in pre-selected projects in their beloved villages and hometowns with the touch of a button from anywhere in the world.
Who will benefit from the information?
Daskara will benefit a broad constituency of users including local residents and local business owners, tourists, members of the diaspora, the international Lebanese communities, and enthusiasts of outdoor natural and cultural activities, experts, and academics.
Why should I contribute?
By using Daskara you will be helping travelers discover authentic places and experiences. You will be sharing your favorite locations and telling their stories. You will also be prompt to become a local administrator of a certain village or expert activity depending on the frequency and quality of contributing the crowdsources data. By becoming an admin you will be able to approve or reject or edit crowdsourced locations and activities.
Do we have to pay anything?
Daskara is a free platform. Users don’t have to pay anything
Who will approve the information to make sure it is accurate?
Local experts manage the content of contributions managed by the American University of Beirut experts
How does Daskara help?
It offers many opportunities.
  1. It highlights nature and heritage of the village
  2. It connects the village with the rest of Lebanon and the world.
  3. It promotes local businesses by showing them on the map and providing information about the people that run them and the services they offer
  4. It helps young generations to learn about their village and Lebanon
  5. It transforms natural and heritage landmarks that are unknown and improperly utilized to assets that have a known value and are conserved
  6. It is a way for villages to post project opportunities for nature and heritage conservation and a way for people interested in providing funds to support such projects
  7. It helps travelers to plan, visit, and share their trips
  8. It consolidate information from different fields
  9. It may become a basis for local development projects
  10. You can promote your eco business by hosting and planning events
Is it safe to share geographic information?
Many mapping and location services already exist and show different places in Lebanon and the world. Daskara allows you to choose a specific location of your choice and describe it with your own narrative